Making mistakes, 'aha moments' and other stuff

Every now and then you come across an ‘aha’ moment.

I was having a chat with a good friend out of Silicon Valley and we got onto the topic of ‘product/market fit’. 

He made a couple of really good points.

Firstly, unless you’re embarrassed by a product you’re releasing into the market, you’re simply holding back and waiting too long to release it.

Secondly, he suggested that for any product to be successful, entrepreneurs need to embrace feedback from the market until they get the product/market fit right.

Effectively the product needs to evolve based on constant feedback and marketplace experience.

This is not a new theory. But why do most entrepreneurs find it so difficult to embrace?

Product/market fit is basically like proto-typing. You keep evolving until you reach a level of evolution that captures the imagination (and the wallets) of the market.

The basis of my conversation with my Silicon Valley friend was that everyone makes mistakes. The difference will be that those that embrace their mistakes as simple corrections along a journey will grow way beyond their peers and colleagues that take those hits personally.

If you have been around business for long enough, you will realise that every entrepreneur will make a series of mistakes over time. Some will be large, others minor—but the one guarantee is that everyone will make them.

The real art here is to understand that your growth and transformation will be directly linked to your ability to embrace, accept and learn from your mistakes as simple corrections along your journey.

If you embraced this attitude in each and every moment, what might happen next?

Damian Karaula